Concord International (Cymru) Ltd - Company History

Captain Concord opened his 1st Concord Discounts Store back in 1980 - At that time a groundbreaking and innovative concept!

The retail business expanded rapidly and lead to the opening of Concord Cash and Carry Ltd in 1986 a logical progression in terms of supply for the growing retail concern and cost effective buying.

The monumental change in retail opening hours in the UK in 1994 created a shockwave for small retailers everywhere. They soon began to feel the pinch as the giant multiple retailers gobbled up what had been for generations the bread & butter business of the traditional local store “the Sunday and Late Night trade”.

The ripple effect of this was a downturn in Cash & Carry business all over the country.

For Captain Concord this was a new challenge and it was decided to expand into new markets. A vigorous program of advertising and travelling lead to the opening of business relations in Europe the Middle East, Far East, the FSU and the USA.

Today Concord International (Cymru) Ltd is the overseas trading division of the Concord Group.

With nearly 15yrs experience of buying and selling in the International market we are experts at sourcing the right items at the right price for our customers and at disposing stock safely and in line with corporate requirements for our suppliers.

We have a happy, experienced and dedicated team ready and waiting to tailor our services to your particular requirements – why not give them a call?

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